Make Your House Shiny Using a Cleaning Checklist


A lot of people today tend to spend their time idling at home, simply enjoying their free time in the most pleasant and lazy way possible. The last thing you will want to have to deal with is a dirty home when you can do something about it fairly easily. The following tips will give you some pointers and a checklist you can use to make the cleaning process easier to work with:

Making an actual checklist
This is one of the most important parts of the process when you are dealing with house cleaning. Organizing yourself will make it much easier in the long run, not to mention you will be able to prepare yourself for even the worst ahead. Making a checklist of items you need for cleaning, as well as other smaller things that need work will be a good way to start.

Divide and conquer your tasks
This is important when your home needs cleaning, so working on a room by room basis is a good way to control the job. Bacteria, dust mites and more are all around your home, so frequent cleaning will ensure better results overall. Divide the tasks by priority and work on everything in a methodical fashion, from carpet cleaning and difficult upholstery cleaning to other tasks.

Work your way down
Starting with furniture cleaning and working your way down to the floors will ensure you have all dust and debris flowing down. Make sure you use a good HEPA-certified vacuum cleaner and you will have a nice and practical way to handle most of the dust without any issues. You can also work on using a duster, but you will still need to vacuum the floors regardless, mopping them as well after you are done.

House cleaning product on wood table

Working on areas one at a time
Cleaning your home means making use of a room by room approach, as this would allow you to be better organized and spreading your efforts around the entire home will only make it seem like you accomplish nothing. Focus on a single room, cleaning it entirely and move on to the next one and so forth until you are done.

Waste recycling
You can focus on this during your cleaning, as it will let you collect some of the items you don’t need, getting rid of them and using this chance to take care of any metal, glass, cardboard and so forth, preparing to recycle it later as needed. Place the items in different containers so you can separate them according to material and you will have an easier time at the end of the day.

Cleaning the counter tops
Your kitchen will also need a lot of work when you’re dealing with cleaning, so make sure you pay attention to the counter tops and deal with any bits of food, crumbs and so forth and sanitize the surface when you’re done. This should allow you to work on all of this with speed and safety in mind.


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