Maintaining and Cleaning Sliding Patio Door Blinds

You need to be aware that not cleaning the blinds of the patio doors can cause problems in the future. This might be the cause of damage to the blinds. This might be a tiresome chore for many but knowing the tactics can make this cleaning process easy and convenient. Each type of blinds needs to be cleaned in a different manner. Patio is a common area where you can find huge amount of dust particles all the time. Therefore, you need to clean the patio door blinds at least one in a week. It is very easy to clean these blinds and you can easily clean these blinds with vacuum cleaner. After the cleaning of these blinds, if you find any stain on the blinds then you can apply few amount of detergent and rub these stained areas with wet sponge only.

Top 7 blinds that need to be maintained in a separate way

  1. Cleaning Roman Shades

Using the dusting brush, which is soft on your vacuum, and the low suction attachment you need to go over the blinds in a gentle manner, be it the pleated, flat or even the drapes. The stains need to be spot-cleaned using a cloth, which is dipped in suds. It is suggested to clean the surface with small amount of detergent only and do not use any harmful chemical and acids on these blinds for cleaning purposes.

  1. Honeycomb Shades Cleaning

These honeycomb blinds are a preferred choice for many homeowners due to the factor of being energy efficient. The dusting tool on the vacuum cleaner is all that is required. The stains, if any, can be blotted with the help with a sponge dipped in water, which is only Luke warm, probably with a mild detergent.

  1. Insulating Blinds Cleaning

Make sure not to rub the fabric in case of stains and using the soft brush on the vacuum cleaner to clean these blinds. In this case, you can also apply some cleaning solution, spray the cleaner on these blinds, and remove the stains with a cotton or sponge.

  1. Roller Shades Cleaning

Any fabric chosen in this roller shade requires a soft vacuum cleaning. Wiping these should be done section wise starting from down and continue in the upward direction. Make sure to leave the shade to dry in the extended position.

  1. Cleaning of Aluminum Blinds

These blinds being extremely durable are easy to clean. For routine cleaning think of using a dry rag, or else you can even make use of cold or warm water, making sure the water is not ‘hot’. Wipe the slats with a cloth dipped in soapy water without bending the slats. You can also think of soaking the slats in a bathtub so that all the grime is removed.

  1. Cleaning of Wooden Blinds

Washing the wooden blinds can lead to discoloration and warping even though the wood is sealed. Using chemical solvents or ultrasonic cleaning is again a big ‘NO’. All that is required for cleaning these blinds is using a dry duster or dusting mitt or even a dusting cloth and brush the slats lightly.

  1. Solar Shades Cleaning

Most of these solar shades available are resistant to moisture and mold and being durable these can be easily cleaned. Wiping them with a damp cloth and then drying them is one way to keep these clean. You can also think of using your vacuum cleaner with the soft brush.

Maintaining the sliding patio door blinds ensures that they last long and remain beautiful. You can also think of following the instructions given by the manufacturer as this works out safe, avoiding any damage to your blinds.


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