Tips for Cleaning Concrete Patios in Spring

Spring cleaning might sound very easy but in reality, it is not. Spring cleaning is the art of getting the home ready for spring get together events like barbecue parties, afternoon luncheons, or birthday parties. So, it is very important to consider that spring cleaning requires a lot of effort and planning to ensure that the outdoor environment in the patio is spick and span. Overall, spring cleaning ensures that the house looks welcoming for the guests.

how to clean patio

Patio – Cleaning

Some of the tips that can be followed are-

De-Griming the concrete Patios

All the plants and the furniture should be moved out of their current location. Then, the debris, dry leaves, sand and all other kinds of material should be swept. After this, the entire patio should be rinsed thoroughly with the help of a garden hose. Finally, the process of De-griming should be used to clean the stains and oily spots with the help of a 10:1 solution made of warm water and a cleaner. The mixture should be allowed to settle for 15 minutes and then a scrub brush should be used on the patio and then rinsed completely to provide a sparkling effect to the patios.

Dealing with tough stains on concrete patios

If the process of de-griming does not work as per expectation, then the user should use the most powerful cleaning agent of all-Bleach. To clean a 10’ X 10’ patio, a cup of bleach should be added to a 10:1 solution of warm water and safe cleaner. If space is bigger, more bleach should be added. If the place is smaller, a cup of bleach is more than enough.

Spraying the steps of the patios and siding

Pressure washing ensures that almost any kind of stain from the stairs can be removed. Usually, an hour or two of spray washing is enough. If the home has steps or siding that is tiled, the user should ensure that he/she uses a garden hose. If high-pressure washing equipment is used, chances of the tiles loosening up are pretty high.

cleaning patio


Rinsing metal furniture on the patios

The factor that makes the metal furniture beautiful is the powder aluminium coating. This coating also resists mold or rust. In order to improve the furniture’s durability and appearance, it can be rinsed gently with the help of the garden hose. After rinsing, the furniture should be wiped with water and mild detergent. Also, care should be taken to use a soft cloth, kitchen sponge, or brush. Scrubbing should be avoided at all costs. If wear and tear are seen in the finishing, the probability of corrosion to occur will increase as well. In addition to all of this, extra care should be taken to ensure that furniture is completely rinsed after removing the soapy residue from every joint in the furniture.

Updating the light fixtures located outside

If the glass of the light fixtures in the patio is dusty, a foam paintbrush coupled with a window cleaner should be used to clean both the outside and inside of the glass. Also, a secondary brush that is dry on both sides should be used to remove any cleaner that is remaining on the glass. This should be done to ensure that the glass stays completely clean. If the fixture looks faded, it does not hurt to provide a new coat of paint. First, the fixture should be disassembled and then it should be coated with the desired color to provide a radical new look.

Along with the patios, the windows used as part of the exterior decor of the house should be cleaned as well.


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