Tips From Our House Cleaners

Maid To Sparkle asked our house cleaners for their tips on cleaning different items or areas in our customers homes. While all of our cleaners are trained the same, over time they all incorporate different methods to make their cleaning tasks more effective. Given the variety of homes they see on a daily basis, and the different levels of cleanliness, they often have some really great ideas for all of us! In this article, we have shared some of our top maid’s house cleaning tips and tricks with you.


tips from our house cleaners

Lacey is one of our best house cleaners in Parker County, TX.

We asked Lacey to share her tips on cleaning floors because we often hear excellent ratings from her customers on their floors once she’s cleaned their home.


If you go the route of no chemicals, make sure to mop with HOT water.
Bona hardwood cleaner is my personal favorite and using it with a dry dust mop works best for me. If you would like the floors to really shine, use very diluted Murphy’s Oil with a damp mop.


Lysol, Lysol, and more Lysol! It never leaves the sticky residue that other floor cleaners tend to leave. Do you want it to shine? Spray the tile with Windex and go over it with a damp mop.


Always vacuum on a regular basis. Steam clean your carpets every 4-6 months, depending on how big your family is and how much your carpet is traveled.

Stains… NEVER rub them in. Always dab them! In my opinion, the best three things for stains are Windex, hydrogen peroxide, and shaving cream.




cleaning tips from our house cleaning staff

Ashlie is one of our best house cleaners in the Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Keller, Haslet area

We asked Ashlie to let us know where she begins when cleaning a house and why.


I normally begin a house cleaning in the master bathroom. Bathrooms take me longer to clean so it’s easier for me to get them done first. I usually clean the hardest parts of the house first and then clean my way to the front door. I don’t want to leave footprints on any areas so I sweep/mop/vacuum my way out of the house.






 photo Regenia pic for blog_zpst5ys3bbr.jpg

Regenia is one of our top house cleaners in Parker County, TX

We asked Regenia to share with us how to remove hard water spots.


There are a few different ways that I tackle hard water spots. When cleaning shower doors and fixtures I spray my cleaning chemical on the surface and let it sit for awhile so that it has a chance to break down the spots. I use a variety of chemicals, depending on the determination of the hard water spot. One of my favorite chemicals is Awesome. You can buy it at Dollar General and dilute it, depending on the severity of the hard water spots.

On toilets, I flush the toilet and plunge as much of the water out as possible. I use a toilet bowl cleaner and let it sit for awhile to break down the stains. I then use a green scrubber to scrub the stains/spots away.

It’s best to clean these surfaces with regular maintenance so they don’t have a chance to set in.


If you don’t have time to spend cleaning and scrubbing, contact Maid To Sparkle for your house cleaning needs!


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